PPF’s mission is to improve pregnancy birth, postpartum, and NICU experiences along with achieving healthier newborn outcomes and empowering new mothers with resources and education on proper infant care.

“The PPF Doula by My Side”:

  • Provides non-judgmental emotional support, performs excellent physical support for antepartum and postpartum moms and their families.
  • Provides expertise using the Doula’s perspective through evidence based education, reflecting the values, interests, needs and choices of the members she serves.
  • Formulates exceptional relationships by bridging the gaps between community partners our members and their families.

Our Mantra

Pettaway Pursuit Foundation (PPF) was founded by Theresa Pettaway in 1999. Theresa experienced the anxiety of early labor with all three of her children and the pain of watching her newborns in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). She spent years overcoming these traumatic experiences while caring for her fragile infants together with the loving and constant support of her husband. She came to the realization that women of all ages have faced the same problem and are in need of assistance. Thus, PPF was born.

Since 1999, Theresa has made herself available as an on-call-mentor for distressed and postpartum mothers at the NICU of Hahnemann Hospital and Saint Christopher's Hospital for Children, both located in Philadelphia. Working with social workers and nursing staff in these hospitals, she has successfully rendered support by providing a listening ear, sharing experiences and promoting self confidence in new mother who are desperately in need of emotional support. As time went on, other mothers began volunteering their time to assist Theresa with her mission.

On July 2001, PPF was incorporated as a non-profit educational and community outreach organization operating under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, serving low income families in Philadelphia and its surrounding counties. 

On 2002, PPF began providing free education workshops in various Philadelphia locations. These workshops were designed to promote community awareness, and to educate and inform affected families about high-risk pregnancies and how to care premature infants. In addition, PPF provides expectant mothers with information on the importance of prenatal care for the prevention of premature births, which can be expected to result in lowering the morality rate of premature infants and costs associated with their healthcare. 

On 2005, PPF formed an alliance with the Helen O. Dickens Center for Women's Health at the hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP), providing support services for high-risk, bed rest pregnancy patients and their families. PPF also works in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania's Intensive Care Nursery (ICN) and Transitional Care Nursery (TCN) to mentor parents of premature infants who require round-the-clock care. The ICN and TCN at full capacity handle 36 beds of premature and sick babies at one of the largest Hospitals in the U.S.

On 2006, PPF researched its clientele base and realized that the primary healthcare provider for these high-risk pregnant mothers was Keystone Mercy Health Plan averaging 90% at each workshop.  PPF then informed Keystone Mercy Health Plan (KMHP) approached Keystone Mercy with this information in an effort to form collaboration for funding opportunities.  Keystone Mercy Health Plan required PPF to gain certifications through DONA International as Doula providers to establish a program with their members. DONA International (Doulas of North America) are the oldest, largest most reputable in the world, with concentrations on quality and professionalism.

PPF acquired certifications needed by DONA International and KMHP as well as began collaborating with KMHP to service their members.

On 2008 (PPF) signed an agreement with a KMHP WeeCare Case Manager Supervisor to provide services for their high risk expectant mothers on bed rest.  The program was established to educate and encourage members on bed rest to improve birth outcomes by preventing preterm births. During this time PPF required all its mentors to be Doula trained and Certified as one of the three types of doulas: the Antepartum Doula, the Birth Doula and the Postpartum Doula: