Criteria for Postpartum

1. C-Section

2. Difficulty Breastfeeding

3. Multiples

4. First-time moms with limited social & family support

5. Diagnosed with Postpartum Depression or at risk for PPD

Criteria for Prenatal

1. Diagnosed by physician as high-risk or       restricted to bed.

2. Must be at least 22 weeks

3. Have minimal social or family support

4. History of Mental Illness/ Depression/ Anxiety

5. Expecting Multiples

To Enroll in a Manage Care Agency you must meet the following:

PPF's  Doula By My Side Initiative work in conjunction with Keystone First (Bright Start Program), Health Partners (Baby Partners Program) and Tufts Health Plan Program.

Our goal is to promote a healthier pregnancy, and a positive birth along with great postpartum outcomes. 

PPF offers each Agency a unique program tailored to meet the goals and needs of their members. Please contact your Health Care Provider to enroll in any of our programs.

​Managed Care Agencies

PPF Services Rendered:

All our expectant mothers receive one on one,  non-judgmental practical support breastfeeding instructions and more.  All instructions are shared before, during,  and after the birth of their child.

Mothers on bed rest receive in home companionship, strategic planning for stress relief during their bed rest stay, and child birth education.

PPF Doulas assist Managed Care members from 22 weeks  with bed restrictions, through 8 weeks postpartum. This assistance is given in order to improve their pregnancy,  childbirth and postpartum experiences.  

What We Do?

Doula - (originated from ancient Greek- meaning a woman who serves)otherwise known as a woman caregiver providing non-medical assistance before , during, and after child birth. A Doula also provides assistances to the expectant mother's partner and family. We provide information and emotional support. to ensure improved maternal and birth outcomes.  

 In addition, our Doulas are HIPPA Compliant, and Certified with CPR Certifications. PPF requires a 50 state criminal background clearance to be performed on all Doulas.

PPF is a rising nonprofit organization comprised of Certified Doulas who are focused on improving pregnancies, births and postpartum experiences in our communities. 

PPF 's unique program is called a "Doula By My Side" it is designed to educate and empower expectant mothers through each phase of their pregnancy.

Whether it be prenatal, or postpartum, we are with them through their journey to achieve a healthier birth outcome.  

Our current population derives from Managed Care Agencies consisting of both teen and adult members. Some members maybe high risk, experience bed restrictions, or have a history of behavioral health. The members are served during their prenatal as well as 8 weeks postpartum.

​​​What is a Doula?​

Who We Are?