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PPF is in alliance with:
Bright Start Program for PA Residents
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Tufts Healthcare for MA and RI Residents
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PPF is a nonprofit organization comprised of Certified Doulas who are focused on improving pregnancies, births and postpartum experiences in our communities. PPF 's unique program is called a "Doula By My Side" it is designed to educate and empower expectant mothers through each phase of their pregnancy. Whether it be prenatal, or postpartum, we are with them through their journey to achieve a healthier birth outcome.  

Doula - (originated from ancient Greek- meaning a woman who serves) otherwise known as a woman caregiver providing non-medical assistance before , during, and after child birth. A Doula also provides assistances to the expectant mother's partner and family. We provide information and emotional support. to ensure improved maternal and birth outcomes.  PPF Doulas are HIPAA Compliant, and Certified with CPR Certifications. PPF requires a 50 state criminal background clearance to be performed on all Doulas.

All our expectant mothers receive one on one,  non-judgmental practical support breastfeeding instructions and more.  All instructions are shared before, during,  and after the birth of their child. Mothers on bed rest receive in home companionship, strategic planning for stress relief during their bed rest stay, and child birth education. PPF Doulas assist Managed Care members from 22 weeks  with bed restrictions, through 8 weeks postpartum. This assistance is given in order to improve their pregnancy,  childbirth and postpartum experiences.  

PPF's  Doula By My Side Initiative work in conjunction with Keystone First (Bright Start Program), Health Partners (Baby Partners Program) and Tufts Health Plan Program. Our goal is to promote a healthier pregnancy, and a positive birth along with great postpartum outcomes. PPF offers each Agency a unique program tailored to meet the goals and needs of their members. Please contact your Health Care Provider to enroll in any of our programs.


To register for classes, please call us at 610-553-5479 or email us at

What we provide:

  • Prenatal Yoga is an integrative approach encompassing poses, breathing, and meditation. This method is used to prepare pregnant women for childbirth, create a bond between mother and baby, reduce anxiety and stress, and increase endurance, flexibility, and muscles needed for labor and delivery.
  • Nutrition Class is a class that teaches parents how to create a healthy lifestyle for them and for their babies. It includes learning how to read nutrition labels on food packages, how to enforce a proper and healthy diet for pregnant and breastfeeding moms and much more.
  • Breastfeeding Support Group helps moms build up their confidence around breastfeeding. During the group session, moms can bring their babies to class. Allowing them to share and learn from each other’s breastfeeding experiences. They can exchange advice regarding different breastfeeding position, overcoming breastfeeding anxiety, breast/nipple pain management, pumping, managing and sustaining breastfeeding while working and a lot more. A class facilitator will be on-hand to guide them with any questions.
  • Newborn Care Class is a class that encompasses the preparation of the baby’s arrival; safety measures for the baby’s place, how to change diapers, how to change the baby’s clothes, how to bathe baby, and much more.
  • Mommy Support Group (Peer to Peer) is a support group for both prenatal and postpartum parents. Parents can gather around, share, support and learn from each other’s experiences.
  • NICU Support Group is an emotional as well as educational group for mothers with babies in NICU. This group is composed of parents sharing their roller coaster emotions and a facilitator offering non-judgmental emotional support and education. The education includes the importance skin-to-skin bonding and more.  
  • Childbirth Education is a class for parents that will help them prepare during the labor and birth stages of pregnancy. Education will encompass hopes and fears surrounding the birth of their baby; tips to alleviate pain during labor; physical activities that will help moms deliver a healthy baby; and much more.
  • Life Skills (Parenting Skills, Budgeting, Time Management, Stress Relief) is a class that helps parents learn how to handle the stress of becoming a parent, how to manage their time with the baby around household chores and work, how to acquire resources within their surrounding community, and much more.


Our current population derives from Managed Care Agencies consisting of both teen and adult members. Some members maybe high risk, experience bed restrictions, or have a history of behavioral health. The members are served during their prenatal as well as 8 weeks postpartum.

Doula By My Side Program

Eligibility & Enrollment

Being a parent, new or experienced, is not an easy job. In the biological sense, a parent produces offspring. However, it is more than that. Parents invest their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of life to their child/children. With regards to this fact, being a new parent can become overwhelming.

For that reason, the Pal for Parents Program was created. It is our mission to empower parents. We are here to educate. We are here to help you prepare. We are here simply because we are your pal, your friend.

 “PAL for Parents” mantra:

Provide evidence-based classes and trainings for parents
Alleviate stress for parents during this overwhelming phase of their lives
Learning together to further enhance wellness in our community

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Pal for Parents Program

Benefits of having a PPF Doula

A doula is a specially trained and experienced professional who provides non-medical support, including education, breastfeeding instruction and more before, during and after the birth of a child.

PPF’s doulas are independent contractors who are certified as a birth, antepartum or postpartum doula. They earn a competitive living wage by supporting families who would otherwise not be able to afford the very necessary services that doulas provide. Our certified doulas are HIPAA compliant, CPR certified and have gone through criminal background clearances.

New parents used to be able to rely on their parents, family and friends for support. These days, grandparents are working longer, families are moving further away from each other and friends have other demands that make it impossible to help support the new family. A doula becomes that missing person in the lives of new and existing parents that not only offers non-judgmental assistance but guidance and support when needed.

Women who experience support from doulas, family members, counselors and peer groups have greater breastfeeding success, greater self-confidence, less postpartum depression and a lower incidence of abuse than those who do not. Fathers benefit too and are more in tune to mom and baby's needs. Research tells us that support from the partner can have significant impact on their partner's own experience as well as the emotional adjustment of the mother. Doulas teach fathers and other family members how to support a new mother.