Our Contact Information

Local: 610-553-5479

Toll Free: 1-844-PPF-DBMS 

​Fax: 610-553-5482

Email: info@theppf.org

Headquarters: 11 Owen Avenue, Lansdowne, PA 19050

Our Mission

PPF’s mission is to improve pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and NICU experiences along with achieving healthier newborn outcomes and empowering new mothers with resources and education on proper infant care.


​Our Mantra

Disclaimer: Some photos displayed are purely for demonstration purposes. All credit to owners. 

“The PPF Doula by My Side”:

  • Provides non-judgmental emotional support, performs excellent physical support for antepartum and postpartum moms and their families.
  • Provides expertise using the Doula’s perspective through evidence based education, reflecting the values, interests, needs and choices of the members she serves.
  • Formulates exceptional relationships by bridging the gaps between community partners our members and their families.