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Local: 610-553-5479

Toll Free: 1-844-PPF-DBMS 

​Fax: 610-553-5482

Email: info@theppf.org

Headquarters: 11 Owen Avenue, Lansdowne, PA 19050

PPF News

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While maternal health has always been at the forefront of PPF’s mission, the organization seeks to extend its reach to all members of the community. With this goal in mind, PPF has launched the “PAL for Parents” program where parents can learn essential and valuable life skills to benefit both themselves and their families.Read More


With the launch of its brand-new headquarters, Pettaway Pursuit Foundation (PPF) wanted to ensure the location be a hub for its surrounding communities. To set that initiative in motion, the Lansdowne-based organization began to offer free parenting classes to keep their community engaged. Always advocates of maternal health first, PPF are experts in identifying how to best serve the mother and infant. Its pioneer doula program, Doula By My Side (DBMS), allows mothers to experience a doula-supported... ​Read More

A pioneer in marrying traditional doula services with managed care insurance plans, Pettaway Pursuit Foundation (PPF) has always deemed it important to service mothers in any way they can. Due to the unique model of their Doula By My Side (DBMS) Program, PPF realized there was a large gap in who they can serve within their community. Read More